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VZWPIX: The VZWPix Place

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All about the VZWPICS PLACE

VZWPICS is an online service that is included with the activation of Picture and Video Messaging. In this website you can: Store your favorite picture and video messages from your phone, create and name your own online photo albums, upload and send images from your computer’s hard drive, invite your family and friends to view albums, create your own picture/video messages online, enhance your pictures with effects and choose images and sounds from the free “Gallery” to include in your messages.

            You will need to register before you can access VZWPICS. You can simply access VZWPICS directly at www.vzwpix.com and select Join Up. You will then need to enter in your 10-digit mobile number. Make sure you use only numbers and not enter any symbols or spaces. After this just click on the Register button. A temporary password will be sent to your mobile handset as a text message. When you have received your temporary password, just enter in our mobile number and temporary password in the boxes and you may also change the password in your VZWPICS to whatever you desire.

            VZWPICS also gives an option to have upcoming promotions and special offers which will be sent to our wireless device. If you don’t want to receive this information all you have to do is click on the No button. Click on Save to store your new password in VZWPICS account.

            To login to VZWPICS you will simply need to enter in your 10-digit mobile number and your password and click on Go. If this is your first time to login, you will be asked to accept the Terms and Conditions page on VZWPICS. Just click on Accept and then Ok  and then you are already logged on to VZWPICS. If in any case you forget  your password in the future , you just need to click on the Forgot Password link and enter in your 10-digit mobile number. Click Send and Close and your password will be sent to your mobile phone as an SMS message.

Head on over to the main site by pushing this groove button HERE!

Home | VZWPics | VZWPics Place | VZWPix-com | VZWPix

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