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How To access vzwpix place 

Verizon Wireless has come up with a new feature that subscribers can enjoy with their cellphone service. Vzwpix Place was created to make it easy for Verizon subscribers to upload pictures, videos and ringtones from their pc’s to their mobile phones. As soon as your picture and video messaging is activated you will also then begin to have access to Vzwpix  Place where you can do a variety of things.

Aside from sending images to your phone from your hard-drive, you can also customize these pictures with different effects. Should you wish to view more images, you can also look at the Gallery to choose from many images and sounds that you can include in your message. You can also create your own photo albums online and share it with your family and friends.

To login to Vzwpix Place you would first need to go to https://www.vzwpix.com/login.do . First you will need to register and a text message will be sent to you to provide you with the password which you can change later on. Next you will need to enter your 10-digit mobile phone number and enter your password. Please note that passwords are case-sensitive. Just click on the GO tab and you will be prompted to read and accept the terms and conditions since you are a first-time user.

Once you gain access, you can start composing and sending video messages from Pix Place. In the case of a video message, only one slide can be populated with the video element and only text can be added to the slide. A maximum of 9 slides can be composed with a picture, audio and text for each slide if you so desire.

You can also send picture/video messages from your mobile phone to another phone which may not be subscribed to Verizon Wireless phone. You can find a complete list of the top mobile carriers where you can send picture/video messages to on the Verizon Wireless website. Some of them are the more popular ones Alltel, AT&T Cingular, Sprint and T-mobile.

Creating online photo albums have never been easier. When you’re logged in to Vzwpix Place you can just select Create Album from My Messages  and from the drop-down list you just need to select where you want to create an album and enter a name for your album. You can then click on Create Album. You can also save a picture/video in more than one album.

The great thing is you can also share your Vzwpix Place albums through email share invitations that you create on Pix Place so where your family and friends are they can be up to date on your latest pictures and videos. When they receive your email invitation they just need to click on the Go There button. If you invited someone by mistake you can un-invite them and the link they received will be disables. Always tell your friends never to invite other people without your consent. This will help you control the people who have access to your pictures and videos .

If you are a Verizon Wireless Customer and have any inquiries or difficulties in using the site. You can contact customer service by dialing *611 on your Verizon Wireless mobile phone.


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